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Published: 20th December 2010
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If you're looking for a wetsuit or surf attire, you have found the right place. Hansen's Surf Shop has an enormous selection of surf attire and beach accessories, probably the biggest range in Southern California

Wetsuits generally fall into three different types, Winter, Summer and the Shortie. The primary contrasts in the wetsuits would be the thickness of material used (neoprene) which is measured in millimetres, the stitching and the quality of Neoprene. Winter wetsuits have a combination of 5 and 4mm or 5 and 4 and 3mm Summer suits have 3 and 2mm and the Shortie tends to be 3 and 2mm 2mm and even a 2 and 1mm combination. There are a couple of types of sewing most commonly used in the manufacture of wetsuits, Flatlock that is utilised in entry level Summer suits, it's a strong flat stitch which is comfortable against the body but can allow water to pass through the seams in small amounts, not a problem in Summer! Glued and Blindstitched which is a totally waterproof stitch that's used in higher-end Summer suits and also in Winter suits. Top-end suits also have various kinds of seal and taping over these seams, causing them to be practically bomb proof - Ideal for mid Winter outings! Quality of neoprene can also be mirrored in the purchase price, a top-end suit will consist wholly of very flexible neoprene whilst an entry level suit will have a basic neoprene with maybe a few stretch panels.

Hansen's provides a fabulous range of top branded wetsuits including Xcel, Ripcurl, Quiksilver, Oneill, Matuse and Billabong.

Xcel wetsuits are developed and tested comprehensively, to obtain the very best quality and robustness. Using innovative materials and styles, they produce an excellent and inimitable range aimed at all varieties of water sports. Xcel’s goal is always to minimise the risk to the environment by selecting eco-friendly resources and manufacturing operations. With materials such as Thermo Bamboo and Limestone Neoprene, Xcel wetsuits are high quality and Economically friendly.

Rip Curl began making wetsuits in 1970. The majority of the innovations they've introduced through the years stay in their wetsuits today. But in addition they recognize that nothing humans make is perfect, so they're continuously trying to find new materials and better ways of doing it all.

Quiksilver wetsuits are flexible and straightforward to wear. The suits are totally without seams and the stitching is extremely sturdy. The material is hypoallergenic and does not contain any ingredients that may damage the skin.

O'Neill are the leading UK / European supplier of wetsuits offering the latest technology. O'Neill wetsuits have the perfect fit in the business, following 50 years of design and engineering.

Matuse’s strategic panels and Yamamoto Geoprene combine to allow flexibility that’s even superior to the human body. Yamamoto’s technology means thinner rubber is warmer rubber.

Billabong Wetsuits have established themselves year after year as comfy, trustworthy and high performance wetsuits.

In combination with wetsuits, Hansen's also offers a fantastic assortment of boardshorts including brands such as Billabong, Hurley, Phantom 60, Superfreak, Oneill and Freestyle.

Wetsuits are available in varieties for those who love water sports. To find out more about Wetsuit and Xcel Wetsuits please visit our web site.

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